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Welcome to the new Bromacia Clash of Clans website!
Thanks for signing up. This is just a starter site to see how well one works with who we are as gamers.

Feel free to give suggestions to help build this into a great site. Updates will be given often and feel free to post on the forums, activity feed, quick chat, or in the news feed (videos, your clan build, questions, etc).

Remember to donate 1 troop for every 2-3 troops you receive and to participate in wars. Inactivity or a bad donate/receive ratio will result in a kick.

Can i be an elder?
A: Yes you can  but you will have to earn it!
-to earn elder you have to be a positive member and donate frequently
-most of the current elders have donated more than 1:2 ratio requirement for >several< seasons and have earned the title elder

Other Comments: We keep track of the donations and take notes of the people who donate. I (Jeriic) also keep track of the chat and notice the people who reply to peoples question and just put a good vibe into the clan.

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